A Portrait of the Artist . . .


Rupert Beswarick-Asser

To date, my career has encompassed a range of creative interests. Having taken a conventional route through art college, I went on to train in painting conservation.  I subsequently taught fine art practice, and later, as a mature student, gained a first-class degree in art history from the University of East Anglia.


My paintings also represent a creative journey. I use oils, applied in layers of translucent glazes and touches of opaque paint: built up, rubbed away and overlaid again to create rich complexities of depth and colour—making the process as important as the finished artwork.


Partly meditative, partly impressionistic, I aim to infuse my work with a very personal sense of light and mood and atmosphere.


A frequent comment is that my paintings convey feelings of reflection and tranquillity. Perhaps the time it takes to complete each picture—typically several months, re-working and refining them—is the reason why.