Personal Art Tuition


As an experienced tutor, my overriding aim is to help you develop and express your individual creativity.


Whether you are an absolute beginner looking for guidance in the basics of oil or pastel painting, or someone more advanced wanting to hone their skills, I can provide you with a flexible programme of one-to-one tuition.  In doing so, I will be giving you my full attention in a light and comfortable studio environment, while enabling you, the artist, to progress at your own pace.


I pride myself on being an encouraging, supportive and patient teacher who draws on a breadth and depth of knowledge.  So if you are interested in developing your artistic abilities, and would like to choose what you learn in a way that is tailored to your needs, read on!


Please note that I am also more than happy to organise a two-person programme for couples or friends.


How do I Book Lessons?


Lessons are always arranged at your convenience. This may be weekly, every fortnight or perhaps monthly. Minimum one hour sessions to whole days are possible.


The best way to start is to contact me, outlining  your requirements, so that we can begin to discuss a programme that meets your particular aims and interests.

What is the Cost?


I offer an initial free taster session of fifteen minutes so that you can sample the method of teaching, to make sure it feels right for you.  Thereafter the cost is scaled as follows:

         £20 per student for a one hour session.

         £30 per student for a two hour session.

         £50 per student for a three hour (half-day) session.

         £100 per student for a six hour (full-day) session.

You may wish to bring your own brushes and paints—alternatively, a payment of £25 can be made to provide you with a starter-set of materials.

Weekend Courses


For learners living outside of Suffolk, bespoke weekend courses are available.


Discuss your needs with me and I will structure the tuition to achieve your aims.  I can also arrange accommodation for you locally if required.